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Tel Aviv / Sylvan Adams National Velodrome

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The action culminates for the season finale at the Sylvan Adams Velodrome in Tel Aviv on 11 December
The brand new venue is the most advanced cycling facility in the Middle East funded by Sylvan Adams as part of his vision to nurture homegrown cycling champions in Israel. The venue will host the 2022 UCI Junior Track Cycling World Championships.

Tickets will be on sale soon for Round 6 in Tel Aviv

Sylvan Adams National Velodrome

The velodrome in Tel Aviv has unique slope paths, and its 250 meter-long track was built to meet Olympic standards. 900 tons of steel, 620 seats, 17,000 connecting plates and 100,000 bolts make up the unique track that will serve the cycling community in Israel and will be used by cyclists from all over the world so that the facility will be one of the most important infrastructures for encouraging cycling in Israel. The velodrome will serve as a professional arena for international track cycling competitions and track racers, as well as for the training of professional riders and for children activities.


The UCI Track Champions League features four of the fastest, most exciting race disciplines: Sprint, Keirin, Elimination and Scratch. For more details on the Championship click here to watch our sporting format video.

The provisional race schedule is detailed below which will be finalised closer to the event.


Event Race No. Riders No. Laps
Opening Live Show
1 Sprint – Men – First Round 18 3
2 Keirin – Women – First Round 18 5
3 Scratch – Women 18 20
4 Sprint – Men – Semi-Finals 6 3
5 Keirin – Women – Final 6 5
6 Scratch – Men 18 20
7 Sprint – Men – Final 2 3
8 Sprint – Women – First Round 18 3
9 Elimination – Women 18 36
10 Keirin – Men – First Round 18 5
11 Sprint – Women – Semi Finals 6 3
12 Elimination – Men 18 36
13 Keirin – Men – Final 6 5
14 Sprint – Women – Final 2 3


Tickets will be on sale soon for Round 6 in Tel Aviv

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