Hoogland Jeffrey


Jeffrey Hoogland (b. 1993) is a Dutch cyclist who specialises in the Sprint events at the UCI Track Champions League. From the age of four, Jeffrey raced BMX before eventually turning to the track. 

That decision to switch disciplines certainly seems like a shrewd one as Jeffrey is one of the most decorated riders in the sport. He has won 15 UCI Track World Championships medals so far in his career, seven of them gold.

Add to that 12 European Championships titles and a gold medal, no-less, at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and you have a true star, if ever there was one.


7 Times World Champion (4 times Teamsprint – 3 Times 1 Kilometer TT)
Olympic Champion Teamsprint Tokyo 2020
Olympic Silver medal Sprint Tokyo 2020
12 Times European Champion (5 times Teamsprint – 3 times Sprint – 1 time Keirin – 3 times 1 Kilometer TT)
European Games Gold Teamsprint & Sprint


Height : 184 cm
Weight : 100 kg

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