Hinze ‘happy about prize money equality’ in Track Champions League

Emma Hinze says she is “really happy” about the equality between men and women at the UCI Track Champions League.

The new five-event series kicks off in Mallorca on Saturday and features two leagues for both men and women: a Sprint Championship and Endurance Championship.

The overall winner of each category will take home €25,000, with prize money awarded for each place in the main standings. Race winners will also receive €1,000, with financial incentives for places 1-10 in every race.

Hinze will compete in the Sprint Championship, which is stripped down to track cycling’s two most exciting formats: the keirin and individual sprint.

The German is one of the favourites for overall glory after winning sprint gold at the recent World Championships in Roubaix, but will face stiff competition from the likes of Canada’s Kelsey Mitchell, compatriot Lea Friedrich and the Netherlands’ Shanne Braspennincx.

“It’s really good that it’s going to be on TV every weekend, and it’s going to be the same rivals every weekend,” Hinze told Eurosport ahead of the launch.

“So you have to be good for six weeks. And I like the equality between men and women, that there are the same number of riders and same prize money, UCI points.

“When we do the same performance, or as good as the men, we should get the same prize money. I’m really happy about the equality at the Champions League.”

Hinze also admitted that the coronavirus pandemic hit her hard and that she was enjoying the return to racing.

“It was really difficult not to race because I love racing,” she said.

“And I’m like the competition type of person. And so I was really sad that we couldn’t race but it is how it is.

“It was the same for all the other athletes. So I just accepted it and tried to get better in training.”

After Mallorca, the UCI Track Champions League travels to Lithuanian city Panevezys before a double-header in London and the finale in Tel Aviv.

Photo credit: SWpix.com

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