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The UCI Track Champions League heads to Panevezys in Lithuania for Round 3 on 27 November

The best action movie you could ever see live. The unbelievable speed and a real live drama combined with raw emotions and visual effects. The newly formed UCI Track Champions League gives a promise to bring the best two action-packed hours movie you could see live this season.

Panevezys is delighted to host the 3rd round in 27th of November and is looking forward to some top-class action. The only one velodrome in the Baltic region “Cido” arena is the home track for Lithuanian track cycling star and one of the UCI Champions league ambassadors’ Simona Krupeckaite who will join world class riders to compete in the elite track cycling event.

It’s going to be an outstanding, exciting and thrilling event and you should join us this November!


Tai bus geriausias veiksmo filmas, kurį kada pamatysite gyvai.

Nesuvokiamas greitis, tikra, prieš akis matoma drama, kurioje ir nesuvaidintos emocijos, ir įspūdį sustiprinantys specialieji efektai. Naujo formato UCI dviračių treko Čempionų lyga žada įspūdingą dviejų valandų veiksmo filmą, kurio niekur kitur neišvysite.

Šį rudenį Panevėžys priims geriausius dviračio treko atletus – lapkričio 27 d. jie „Cido“ arenoje, kuri vienintelė regione turi treko trasą, varžysis trečiajame UCI Čempionų lygos etape. „Cido“ arenoje treniruojasi viena iš prestižinių varžybų ambasadorių., Lietuvos dviračių treko žvaigždė Simona Krupeckaitė, kuri savo namų arenoje kartu su dviračių treko lyderiais kovos dėl čempionų titulo ir pusės milijono prizinio fondo.

Laukia nepamirštamas, įspūdingas renginys, todėl visų lapkričio mėn. 27 d. laukiame Panevėžyje, „Cido“ arenoje! Bilietus į renginį platins

Tickets will be on sale soon for Round 3 in Panevėžys – sign up to our mailing list to be notified when tickets are available.

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The multisport Cido Arena opened in 2008 and is the only Olympic standard velodrome in the Baltic States. The 5000 capacity stadium hosted the 2012 UEC European Track Cycling Championships.


Panevėžys is self-titled capital of Aukštaitija region and is strategically situated at the crossroad of several significant roads. It is an easy to reach cultural and industrial centre of the region which is just 137 km from Vilnius city and 130 km from Kaunas.


It is easy to reach Panevėžys as the city is strategically situated at the crossroads of several significant roads and connected to Vilnius by a highway. The city is also served by a train that runs from Rokiškis to Šiauliai. Although the city has no commercial airport, it benefits significantly from the three international airports that are within 150 km radius. The fees at the local hotels and conference facilities are relatively lower than in the capital.


Panevėžys city has a number of theatres, events, and famous artists. Some of the famous events in this city include Shrove Tuesday, Festival of Chamber Performances, and International Folk Dance Festival. These events are held in J. Miltinis Drama Theatre, Menas Theatre, and Cinema Centre. Famous artists usually grace these events, especially those that occur during summer. Visitors can unwind at the events while at the same time learning about the local culture.


The city has a number of sculptures, monuments and other artistic works that were created to commemorate historical facts. One of them is a granite monument of the Great Duke of Lithuania and the King of Poland – Alexander. On his palm, the Great Duke gently holds the St. Peter and Paul’s church which symbolizes the beginning of Panevėžys city. As the documents state Alexander gifted Panevėžys territory and ordered to build a church there.

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The UCI Track Champions League features four of the fastest, most exciting race disciplines: Sprint, Keirin, Elimination and Scratch. For more details on the Championship click here to watch our sporting format video.

The provisional race schedule is detailed below which will be finalised closer to the event.


Event Race No. Riders No. Laps
Opening Live Show
1 Sprint – Men – First Round 18 3
2 Keirin – Women – First Round 18 5
3 Scratch – Women 18 20
4 Sprint – Men – Semi-Finals 6 3
5 Keirin – Women – Final 6 5
6 Scratch – Men 18 20
7 Sprint – Men – Final 2 3
8 Sprint – Women – First Round 18 3
9 Elimination – Women 18 36
10 Keirin – Men – First Round 18 5
11 Sprint – Women – Semi Finals 6 3
12 Elimination – Men 18 36
13 Keirin – Men – Final 6 5
14 Sprint – Women – Final 2 3


Tickets will be on sale soon for Round 3 in Panevėžys – sign up to our mailing list to be notified when tickets are available.

Also follow the Panevėžys event page on Facebook and our official Instagram account to get the latest news and information.


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